Thursday, 31 May 2012

Who's got talent?

As part of our Digital Citizenship topic this term, students have been learning about being 'Cyber Smart'.  Students were asked to share their understanding of some of the important 'Cyber Smarts' like; Smart Surfing, Smart Footprints, Smart Money and Smart Relationships.  Eden and McKenzie worked together to produce a Rap/Song about Smart Relationships with the support of Las (on guitar).  What do you think?

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Football training has begun!

Cross Country is over and it's time to get out the footballs.  Yes, that's right, the students are now focusing on learning or improving their football skills.

Last week we had the pleasure of learning from the master himself 'Mr Rickard'.  Check out the learning/teaching resource that we put together to help others practise their passing skills.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jorge's Cross Country Experience

18th May 2012 is one of the most exciting events of the school year.  Here at Tawa Intermediate a tonne of energy is about to be vapourised.Cross country is about to begin the other year groups have all left and now its our turn the year eight boys turn.  PWWWEEEEEEERRRRRRRRTTTT! The whistle blows and were off.  Blood pumping,Heart racing,breath dissipating into the empty sky.We race of after the sound of the blistering whistle.Fighting for air I continue to race,

After completing the block run I continue onwards to the most devastatingpart of the course..... the linden school hill.I start to head down the hill and jog under the bridge, half way across the course I start to get stitch and that's bad since I can see lots of people in front of me.

Nearing the end i can barely move I'm going to drop but I see the final corner people cheeringand I sprint to the end and I can hardly see anything,but then I whispered to myself,  "I did it".  I walk to the desk and hand in my number I was not happy with my result.  I have not improved in fact I got worse by thirteen places.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Nicole's Cyber Smart Movie

I've uploaded the video I made for my cyber smart project. It was lots of fun taking pictures, recording voices and videoing people. I hope you like my video. Please comment!  Thanks heaps - Nicole.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Taiaha @ TIS

Some of you may be aware that a few weeks ago we started our first Taiaha lessons here at Tawa Intermediate.  We feel very blessed to have Matua Nori Ngaheu, Matua Tahi and Matua Pourua to teach our community Taiaha from Te Whare Tu Taua O Aotearoa - Hawaiki Tu Ki Parirua.  The movie has been made to support the students in their learning so they can practise.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Renee's Kiwiana Cupcakes

As part of our homework this term I made Kiwiana cupcakes for my
class.  They were vanilla cupcakes and I made some nice blue icing for
on the top with chocolate drawings of  Kiwiana icons.

Here's a slide show of each cupcake!  Can you see what shapes of famous NZ symbols (Kiwiana icons)  are on each cupcake?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Ryley's Deadly Touch - Reading post

In reading, my group have been looking at the ongaonga tree.
Ongaonga is sometimes called tree nettle or fierce nettle. It is one of the worlds most dangerous plants. The ongoonga tree is a deadly tree that when a needle or hair goes into your skin and the poison bursts throughout your body. This plant is found as far south as Otago and the West Coast. It might be extinct north of Auckland. The bristles are about six millimetres, each one like a hypodermic syringe.
When the ongaonga grows, it goes past head height and the hair/needles grow fatter and more poisonous than when they were before.
Out of the world's most dangerous kinds of nettle, there are nettle that are more poisonous than the ongaonga. More dangerous ones come from tropical islands such as Timor and Java. In those places, the plants have names like devil leaf.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Learning Afrikaans

We are lucky enough to have two students (Rochelle and Callista) who are fluent in Afrikaans.  For Languages this term we are learning how to count in Afrikaans, some simple greetings and simple commands.  Every week the two girls organise a half hour session to teach us.  We are also learning about South African culture as well.  They are doing a great job - "Hulle doen goeie werk"

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