Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sheridan's Fun Run Post

On Wednesday the 13th of June 2012 at the top Field was the Tawa intermediate Fun run. We had to fund raise and I raised $182.  I got $182 because I told my Mum and Dad to take it to their work and ask their Friends if they could please sponsor me.  For the fun run my class had to come as a sport star but I just brang my shorts and my rugby socks.

After morning tea the whole school walked up to the top Field the teachers were telling us about what were not aloud to do then we were off.  Ms T was recording on the camera then she told Pouakai syndicate to yell out Pouakai on three then she went 1 2 3 and we all  yelled out Pouakai! as loud as we could. We all started running it was awesome I ran with Mason, Elias, Zac and Raumoa most of the way then we all split so I just ran with Sione all the way. I ran faster because I didn't want it to go into my lunch.

When it was over I was so glad because football and Dodge ball are the next interclass sports.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Celebrating Matariki

To celebrate Matariki - The Maori New Year, our class are creating 'Matariki Panels' that represent  whanau, new growth and their own understanding of Matariki.  I am looking forward to the finished art works and they will adorn our school hall during our 'Matariki Performances' evening next Tuesday night.  Some will then be  selected to be displayed down at the Tawa Library as part of the Mana Tiaki 'Matariki Celebrations'.  Here's a slideshow of the students in action.  Watch this space for their finished masterpieces.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Our Assembly Presentation

The week finally arrived when it was Pouakai's turn to run our School Assembly again. Room 15 did such a great job last term that we (Room 13) had to figure out how we wanted to run our assembly.

'Operation Assembly' emerged! We decided on a 'TIS News" theme and we wanted to try some green screening.  We were lucky that some of the content was already made throughout our term so it was just a matter of selecting what we wanted to celebrate and delegating jobs.

 An assembly committee came together and decided what needed to be done: Brittany (Be) and Jorge were in charge of writing their scripts for the introductions of each DLO (Digital Learning Object / Movie). Ruby and Anton were in charge of producing movies for the School Disco and Cross Country, Melissa and Reilly had to write and learn scripts for their Sports presentation, Shannon, Lily and Ryley interviewed students about citizenship during lunchtimes (with Ruby as Videographer), Ben was in charge of explaining our Whakatauki and the rest of the class were in charge of independent tasks while green screening was done.

Special thanks to Eden and McKenzie for sharing their musical talent, Las for fostering the musical talent in our room, The videographers for the cross country, Stephanie for her Camp Video, the students who recited our class Whakatauki, the Room 13 students who worked independently and of course... the assembly committee!

 Here's most of the presentation. I hope you've got a bit of time, it's actually 21 minutes long - but well worth the watch. Well done our 'Nga Hau Mahana!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Personification Post from Ruby

In room 13, we have been learning about personification so we can use it in our writing. Personification is when an object is doing something that a person can do. It is like "the trees danced in the wind" because a tree can't dance but a person can but you can imagine the trees dancing. Ms Tito gave us a piece of paper that had sentences on it that we had to turn into personification. Here are some of the sentences:

The door opened.
The arrow moved across the page.
The leaf fell from the tree.

Here is what I turned them into:

The door slid open.
The arrow jumped across the page.
The leaf dived from the tree.

Here's the rest of the class sharing their Personification Snippets.

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