Sunday, 29 July 2012

Budding Animators

Last week Room 15 of the Mighty Pouakai Syndicate were preparing for another TIS assembly.  Being the innovative and creative class that they are, they chose to celebrate Kotahitanga by asking each class in the school to recite a line in a Dr Seuss story "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" 

Room 13 was given the line "Waiting for the fish to bite."  It was decided that we do something different (because we like to stand out in a crowd).  Ruby, Renee, Arielle and Be took charge!  They decided to create an animation.  Once that was created we thought we'd sing our line instead of reciting it.  Thanks Lasi for providing us the background track, so here's the snippet of the animation.  The 'created by' bit was added on to acknowledge the girls hard and creative work.  Well done girls and Rm 13 choir :)  Hopefully I can share the link to the full school effort soon.

Rahul's wonderful writing progress!

This week I thought we'd celebrate students who are making superb progress in their writing.  Meet Rahul.  At the beginning of the year Rahul needed a lot of encouragement to write.  Our last writing sample was a couple of weeks ago and this is Rahul's sample.  I was filled with excitement as he handed this piece of writing in for me to read...

I went to Titahi Bay with my dad to the Field to get warmed up. I put my boots on and my gloves on and ready to play this match.

The whistle blew and the game starts now. I saw the players tackling and passing. My friend skilled the other player and tries to score a goal but he misses. The other player from that team tries to score but i caught the ball and kicked it to the other player. My team got the ball and Narlin passed it to Josh and scored a goal and we were cheering for Josh.

25 minutes to go and the other team tried to score. The player ran up ahead towards the goal and tries to score and I dived towards the ball and bounced off my head and its a miss. The player goes for a corner and he took a shot and they scored.

It came to half time and I had a drink of water and listened to the coach whats he saying. Its our turn to kick the ball and the player passes it to someone and ran up to the goal keeper and took a shot and it went into the goal.  The tacklers tackled the players and tries to score but it was a over.

We won and it was 3-2 and we ate chocolate and oranges. The player of the day was me at my first game of soccer. I really enjoyed my first game.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Konichi wa!

Term 3 has kicked off and we have so much to look forward to.  Our first celebration in Room 13 is the beginning of our Japanese lessons, led by our very own Shannon.  Shannon was one of the lucky students who took part in our Asian exchange last year traveling to Japan.  Over the next term we will be learning Japanese greetings and simple phrases, learning about Japanese culture and cuisine.  During our first lesson today, we learned how to count to 20 and beyond.
If you speak fluent Japanese, please let us know how we are doing.
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